Don’t over think let it go

Hey guys. I hope are you fine. Now we are going talk about overthink. It is very dangerous to us. It leads us to unconditional condion in our life. If this condition we had attend it. We don’t know happen in our surrounding

What is over thinking 🤔

       It is derived from too much thinking about useless thing. Or unneeded thoughts. It is endless if you going to overthink. It has no limits to end. It is endless until you felt that it is unnecessary thinking.

Effects of overthinking

Now we tell the effects of over thinking in the life. It kinds of three phenomenon

That is

1.effects in your body and mind :

   It effects more in your body and mind. It make you feel unnecessary. So you can’t think about yourself usefully. It hasn’t more time to think about it. And also you can’t concentrate your mind in your work or anything you do it at time.

When you realise you can’t perform well in your work or anything you do it. It makes you very uncomfortable and lake of confidence in yourself. Hence you can’t live a peaceful life and happiest life.

2.effects in surrounding :

I already tell you that you can’t concentrate yourself. That influence your family and surrounding. One thing I gonna say it. You can’t concentrate in yourself and also you can’t concentrate in your surrounding.

If you can’t do perform well in your work. There has a chance happen that time. In your work. That is Decreasing salary. That leads your family into poor. I gotta say that if you float in over thinking it leads you that poor.


The time has gone

Hi. Now I am feel like very bare. Simply that I felt in life I don’t want to concentrate anything in my life. Because I like to be a good man. That efforts make me to follow more good lessons from genius persons and saints. But at the long time, everything has a limit.

The limit has been crossing over. The more controversy in my mind. The life gave me more questions. How I find the answers for them. At this time I tell about that. I created the question because I don’t know why I created it. In every day I search that anything. In till today I don’t know why I search it.

Sometimes it make me pleasure that we were predictable. But sometimes I think we were in unconditional unconsiousness. If suffers me lot when I doing my work.

Sometimes I feel to change it. But I think I am more sensational and easily emotional and easily changed and timid guy. But I think I am brave. Very powerful person. Every aspects has a double side it will be positive and negative. But more persons are going to negative. So I reduced my negativity. So I take more actions to do it. But I can’t. At the time. My mind take me double result. That it you are changing your habit is impossible are it right fir you or it is needed you

So why you make a such a irresponsible action. It make me a suffer lot. I think I am very fearful guy I am say that time I think I am more uncomfortable because I am think I can’t change what I want to change or I am a inactive guy. This gonna shame me. Or It makes me more about it.

The second double result if I changed the action it will replaced by sometimes it makes me irritate me. Why I gonna do a such an Action.telling that is very uncomfortable situation in my life.

And also one thing I gonna say that you should live in present that make you better peace. Don’t dream the unnecessary dreams. Don’t work for that. It make me you such an irritating feeling in your mind. It makes terribly. Because it will kill yourife. Because it makes you very unhappy. Because it says you that your hard work or past are waste to do the action. It very terrible. So I advice you should live in present. Don’t think more about in anything. Just do it anything. The horrible results will come don’t worry about it. Face it.

Taht confidence make you better in your life and also that will lead your life in another life condition. It stepped out the life level. And also it gives you a lesson.

If you don’t to It. Because you are fearful what do you want to do. It will lead you some misconception that why I don’t such an action. And also you can’t do the another thing. Because you don’t like to do the things. It also don’t give you the confidence to do it

So don’t think too much. Just to it whatever it is. Face that problem the problem just teach you how you will survive in the life.

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Lessons from my life

Hi friends. Every persons want to know about others life. It is common. From others life we also learn some lessons.

Others life are known by some movies, documentary films or it may hear from some persons. But in this blog I will share you my lessons from my life.

I sure it will be usefull to you. That I gonna share with you

1.learn everything forever.

Dear friends. Now I teach you something that is learn forever. Note this point that is life doesn’t stop teach you so don’t stop learning in life.

In every day you see many things. It will implant in your mind it will reflected in your life in any situation. So learn good thing that will help you that correct situation.

In this world nobody knows Every thing. But We should something We need to survive or we need to work or We need to live . don’t stop learning.

That will raise you in your life don’t forget to learn in life.

The life will go .it doesn’t stop for anyone don’t forget it

We will meet the next lesson .

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